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dni if:

+ general dni (nazi / alt-right, terf/swerf, etc.)
+ general freakazoid (pedo, zoo, "anti anti," etc.)
+ truscum / transmed or related.
+ anti neopronouns or xenogenders.
+ support yuri / yaoi, even if youre "not a fan."
+ support cgl/related or "no/maps."
+ a minor with a nsfw account.


+ the words "st/nky" and "sm/lly." dont say them around me, even as a joke.
+ animal abuse, especially towards cats


+ homestuck / hiveswap (some of it is a trigger).
+ kpop / idol groups / related.
+ excessive spam.
+ ace "discourse" (cishet aro/ace ppl arent lgbt+).
+ people who hate / are rude to or about furbies.
+ voltron or related.

keep in mind:

i use reclaimed slurs (fag / faggot, queer, etc.) if this makes you uncomfortable, please try to avoid me.